Director, Corporate Safety

Purpose:  The Director, Corporate Safety is responsible for implementing safety and health programs within day-to-day facility, department, and field operations with a focus on injury prevention, regulatory compliance, and hazard reduction.  Motivates and influences all level of employees to plan and execute every task in a fashion where safety is the first consideration.  Coordinates with the management of the facility, department, or location on regulatory requirements, timely internal and external reporting, and overall safety and health compliance. 

Compliance Engineer

Responsible for ongoing day-to-day duties designed to aggressively monitor, identify and address any violations of applicable laws and regulations for Antelope Elk Energy Center, Mustang Station, and Panhandle Wind Ranch. Duties include appropriate investigation of ethics and compliance matters; encouraging reporting of violations of ethics, policy and law; overseeing timely resolution of relevant issues; auditing and reporting; and serving as the contact for government agencies.

Manufacturing Engineer

We also partner with NASA at JSC, the only NASA center in the United States to curate all astromaterial samples returned from exploration missions, to perform curation services, orbital debris analysis, and basic research to further humankind’s understanding of the origins of our solar system.

We need you to be a part of our team!

We are currently in need of a Manufacturing Engineer  to join our team with Aerodyne Industries, JETS teammate company .

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